Who am I, and why am I doing this?

Hello, my name is Guy, and this is for want of a better word, my blog. The reason I started this is not probably obvious, let me explain.

I was born in 1963, yes I have been around for a while, and, I have seen and done a lot in my time here. I have always described myself as someone who has had multiple live within this one . So many evolutions, so many chapters.

A few years ago now, I embarked on CBD therapy. It started as at the time a life saving intervention, but, quickly turned into a personal development trip that changed my path and my old behaviours in such a good way.

My career has been amazingly varied and I have had much success, evolving to becoming  public speaker, presenter and lecturer. My obsession with performing was matched by my equal obsession with my privacy. The confidence of being on stage was quite the opposite once the event had ended.

Doing this was recommended by my therapist. “Do the things you are in fear of”, he said.

So here I am, it is not easy, in truth this is so hard, but I am doing it, and you know… He was right.